Pete Yorn – live at the Wiltern

April 13th, 2011 — 4:59pm

Nicole and I saw an amazing show the other night. Ben Kweller opened for Pete Yorn at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. We were looking forward to the music as well as seeing a new venue. During this tour for a few select dates (including LA) Pete is playing/played his 2001 debut album “musicforthemorningafter” in its entirety.

About the show… Ben Kweller took the stage by himself and was incredible. Some guitar, some piano, some harmonica, great vocals. He is an amazing performer and was worth the ticket price all by himself. The crowd was good and warmed up by the time the main act took the stage.

I have seen Pete Yorn a couple of times back in Buffalo, but this was easily the best I have seen him. After a couple of intro songs he proceeded, as promised, to play musicforthemorningafter (one of my favorite all time albums). He went through song for song – from Life on a Chain all the way to Simonize. After a brief break he and band came back out to play four encore songs. Several times between the mftma songs he would tell a story about the history and making of the song about to be played. It added a nice storytellers feel to the evening.

But how did it sound? So good. An amazing evening wife my amazing wife.

You can read a concert review and see a setlist here

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…for 4

April 1st, 2011 — 12:36pm

the happy couple

We have been married for four fabulous years today. The traditional gift for the 4th year is fruit and flowers, so Nicole was surprised this morning with a random selection of fruit and flowers that I picked from the yard. We have some pretty excellent celebration plans lined up including delicious meals, Thai massage, and a concert in the next few days. We couldn’t be happier and continue to appreciate each other as well as those who love and support us. Thank you!

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the new blog…

March 21st, 2011 — 1:59am

this is the new…continued, somewhat improved site for wearethechans

more to come…

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