A New Year…

Indeed it is a new year with new challenges, adventures, and whatever else may come to pass. A little reflection on the first half of past year before laying out the framework for the coming year (pictures at the bottom). This is by no means a complete list of the fun we had in 2011, but a sprinkling of highlights. The second half to follow…

My best man Josh came out to visit from the East coast. Nicole and I were the turn around point of an incredible road trip he made. We ate some great food and of course got out an the trails a bit.

In February we joined Figgy, Stitch, and their little one on an epic winter hike along the PCT to Deep Creek Hot Springs. We had the mountains to ourselves with hail falling around us as we soaked in the natural hot springs. The hike itself was amazing and scenic as well.

In March we overhauled our relationship with food. For about 9 months now we have eaten a whole foods plant based diet. Being more aware of what we eat has had many positive effects, not the least of which are related to how we feel (energy levels) and speedy recovery from intense exercise (epic mountain adventures, etc.).

In April we attended ADZPCTKO (annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off). It was awesome to catch up with some old trail friends as well as meet a bunch of 2011 hikers. I got to represent the class of 2010 in the group photo down by the lake.

In May a lot of work was done around the house – painting, treating floors, etc. That wasn’t too bad, but I also got out for the “Baden Bivy” trip with Stitch. A somewhat snowy hike up, over, and around Mt. Baden Powell. It was fun running into some current year PCT thru-hikers and chatting with them.

In June my mom came out from the east coast to visit us. Good food, hanging out with more family, and taking in some local sights were all part of the goings on.

Yosemite time lapse…worth watching..

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.


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