Recent and random happenings…

As the blog post suggests…recent and random things…

1) The sleeping guy in the store was amusing and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. He was out for at least 20 minutes. The sales clerk says she sees it all the time.

2) Nicole and I saw Forks over Knives a few weeks ago. It was a fantastic documentary about food. More information at the official site and the movie trailer. Highly recommended no matter what you put on your plate at meal time.

3) We have been doing some home improvement updates with partial motivation being that mommy Chan is going to be visiting next week from the east coast. Things are looking really sharp and we have some fun stuff planned for her visit.

4) What is hard work without a little reward? A great meal at RFD was capped off with an amazing dessert. Nicole shows this off in the final photo.

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