Early Saturday morning Nicole and I loaded up the car with some camping gear and the dogs. The destination? ADZPCTKO (annual day zero Pacific Crest Trail kickoff). Hundreds of hikers hoping to complete the trail gather and celebrate with past thru-hikers, future ones, and other trail enthusiasts. This year I heard there was a record 700 plus people in attendance. Some had been there for several days already, but it was my hope to catch up with some friends from my 2010 thru-hike.

I was not let down as I ran into several people that I hiked with and met along the trail last year. Including Buckeye, Swift, Dreams, and Hurricane who I finished the trail with last year.

Shroomer and Bigfoot


Comet and Tangent


Comet, Buckeye, Swift, Dreams, and Hurricane

Class of 2011 posing on the rocks by the lake

There are many events throughout the weekend including informational talks on bear and snow safety, as well as water reports for the desert section. There are also gear invention contests, gear manufacturers demoing and selling things, and Saturday night a movie of the previous years hikers is shown. Thanks to Sheepdog and Sandles for putting together the 2010 video. It was cool seeing myself and other people I hiked with on the “big screen”.

gear invention contest

Sunshine and her father are hiking the PCT this year. She will be the second youngest person to complete the trail (11 years old) if they make it to Canada. Her chances are good! Read more about their trip here.


As always the feat of feeding so many hungry hikers and campers is not something to be taken lightly, but as always the organizers of the event rose to the occasion. Sunday morning we enjoyed fruit, yogurt, granola wraps. Sound weird? It was. But it was also delicious and needs no silverware or plates!

Nicole enjoying a special kind of breakfast burrito

Benton catches a nap in the back of the car

After the kickoff wound down and people headed home or north on the trail we headed to the Mexico border to say hello to the Southern terminus of the trail where I set off 11 months ago on my epic adventure. It was a great finale to a great weekend.

data roaming at the border

PCT monument at US/Mexico border

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